The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles


Integrity Bulk operates worldwide within the handy- and supra size segments from offices in Melbourne and Denmark, counting a large number of first class ship owners and Commodity companies as its counterparts.

Integrity Bulk Pte. Ltd. was incorporated on 02 October 2014 under the laws of Singapore under Company registration number 201429404D. Integrity Bulk ApS is incorporated on 10 October 2014 under the laws of Denmark under company registration number 36408987.

The Integrity Bulk Group is well capitalized and is counting a large number of first class ship owners and commodity companies as its counterparts


Always prepared to work on creative solutions to suit our clients’ and ship owners’ preferences and requirements


Work together with our counterparts to achieve mutually beneficial results


Never compromise on being trustworthy and truthful

“Primary focus on bulk chartering from handy to supramax where the company runs a fleet of very modern vessels in addition to a cargo portfolio of primarily grains and fertilizers.”



Vessel nameDWTBuild 
Coreleader OL37,1182012Details >
Integrity Aoi37,7702023Details >
White Sea35,2482012Details >
Autumn Sea36,2812013Details >
Se Marina33,1732017Details >
Clearwater Bay29,0942012Details >
Purple Sea35,2142011Details >
Spring Breeze36,2582012Details >
Nava Ulysses34,8982012Details >
Pacific Pioneer35,4802015Details >